Today as I watch the News and browse through Facebook I realize I am really blessed.  So many have suffered damage from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and now Maria coming onto land.

Realtors from all over the Country are donating money and time to help with the relief efforts and evacuations.  Keller Williams donated $20 Million dollars.

KW had over 400 agents going to a Convention in Austin that decided helping was more important and took buses to Houston instead.

ReMax donated $75,000. to the relief efforts.  Countless other smaller brokerages and State Associations stepped up to help in numerous ways.

So many people lost their homes and are truly “Underwater.”   It will be interesting to see how these mortgages are handled.  The stress on the home owners and apartment dwellers has got to be tremendous.  Do they rebuild?  Do they leave?

The clean up is mind boggling.  Where do you put the remains of thousands of homes and buildings?   How do you handle the toxic items?   And most importantly, how do you re-build to withstand severe weather.  Who pays for the infrastructure that needs to be rebuilt?

So many questions and so few answers at the moment.

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